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How Click helped support Passionately Pets in the Pet Care industry

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Passionately Pets has been an established businesses in the Del Ray community for over 14 years. Their primary objective was to produce video content on a more consistent basis and increase the quality in their video content. Since we began working for them, Click has managed to increase their engagement by thousands of likes, comments, and shares.


We host a media day once every 3 months to capture their dog walkers in action, collect ‘dog’ reels, and replenish our B-Roll. We understand that dog businesses should showcase…Dogs! Most of her reels feature fun trends depicting different dogs around the town.



We have increased their overall engagement by a whopping 50%


We are generating up to 20,000 organic impressions just on Facebook. We consistently reach 50,000 impressions a month on Instagram.

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More customers are finding Passionately Pets and requesting quotes like never before.

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I've been working with Click for about 6 months now, and it has been such a great experience. Their content creation is top notch, engaging, and creative. Their team is so friendly and easy to work with. They really listen to what I want and need for my business and take it from there!
Jenna Gotch
Owner - Passionately Pets
Adam Riesberg

Adam Riesberg

We produce relevant and engaging content for your business that gets results.

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