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Case Study: The Mohegan Sun

How Click helped support The Mohegan Sun in the casino & gaming industry

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The Mohegan Sun already had a social media presence, but as you can imagine, there is a ton of content to produce. Click acts as a support role to their team and provides consistent video content, so they never run out. They always have quality video content ready to post.


Each month, our team goes in and conducts a content marathon, fulfilling a list of videos we are asked to create. These videos include restaurants. the casino floor, the overall experience of the casino, the rooms, the shows, and much more!


Followers Gained

The Mohegan Sun has just hit over 100,000 Instagram followers.

Click's Effect

To date, Click LLC has produced 6 of their 7 top-performing Instagram videos. We have been able to create over 500,000 impressions (and counting)

Videos Produced

We are on pace to provide around 170 videos every year for the Mohegan Sun.

Live Media Examples

The reason we work with Click is because we want to upgrade the quality in our output.
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The Mohegan Sun
Adam Riesberg

Adam Riesberg

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