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White Label Services

Short Form Video Production

We are an ideal outsourced solution for marketing companies. Our experience, expertise, and focus enables us to provide exceptional value.

We use an insight questionnaire to determine the client’s identity, offerings, and
messaging goals, which informs our video strategy to boost engagement and viewership on
social media.

Our team arrives on site to film content, creating 3 months worth of content
at a time. This process can be done in 5 hours.

Our experienced video editing team creates strong video assets, ready for direct deployment.

We deliver the content to the marketing firm’s team for deployment.

What We Do

Our Services

We wholesale impactful short form video content to marketing firms and businesses.

Short Form Video Production

We’ve engineered an efficient short form video production process that elevates marketing firms' social media strategies, boosting client satisfaction and cutting costs.

Our low cost video production process allows our partner agencies to resell our packages. We can work with your clientele, anywhere in the United States, to deliver their short form video content.

Service Packages

Click 10

$850 per month

click 10
click 25

Click 25

$1850 per shoot

À La Carte

$89 per video with 6 video minimum

Frequently Asked Questions

We travel to our clients once a quarter to produce 3 months worth of content.

No need to worry! In our first couple of media trips, we slowly walk our clients through the filming process. We provide a good amount of training to put you in the best light. If you are not comfortable at all, we always find other solutions to highlight your business.

We gather roughly 42 videos and 35 quality pictures each trip, and this can last us a full 3 months.

Yes, all we ask is that you pay airfare & lodging (if applicable).

Our first contract is 6 months.

It’s always free to have a conversation with us.

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