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Nailing Your Goals, One Click at a Time

Nailing Your Goals, One Click at a Time

The #1 Digital Marketing Agency for Construction Suppliers, Distributors & Vendors

We work with construction suppliers to generate leads, awareness, and open new accounts for your businesses

Our Mission

We aim to revolutionize the construction supply industry by delivering innovative digital marketing solutions that empower suppliers and enhance the financial prospects of all businesses we partner with. We are committed to generating measurable, impactful results for our clients, fostering prosperity and success within the construction community.

Our Impact

Our impact is clear: through engaging and emotive content, we aim to captivate contractors, allowing them to connect with the suppliers we work with. We’re dedicated to amplifying suppliers’ visibility, helping them expand their reach and influence. By providing a robust platform, we empower companies within the construction sector to grow, connect, and succeed on a grander scale.

How We Do It

Targeted Advertising

We've engineered an efficient targeted ads strategy, coupled with a short-form video production process that engages contractors locally, enticing them to shop with your brand.

Organic Social Media Content

We back up our paid advertising with strong, knowledge based organic video content around your products.

Website Development

Our custom website development drives real results for construction suppliers. Your new website will become a powerful lead generation tool - converting more visitors into loyal customers.

Your sales staff can only reach so many contractors. Social media campaigns go directly to the phones of contractors, any time of the day, multiple times a week.

Check Out These Averages:

Market Reach






Live Media Examples: All videos are updated to be current

Our process

Why Click LLC?

Backed by years of testing, we have the process you need to add digital marketing to your marketing plan. Through our work together, we guarantee that contractors in your service area will engage with your brand. We make the largest impact with construction suppliers.

We first spend time creating an ideal strategy that matches with your business goals.

Our team arrives on site to film content, creating 3 months worth of content
at a time. This process can be done in 5 hours.

Our experienced video editing team creates strong video assets, ready for direct deployment.

We deploy your campaigns and monitor performance to optimize your success.

Case Studies

Client Success Stories

Hahn Systems LLC

Construction Supply Industry

Showcasing the Hahn System brand to 260,000 people with interest in construction.

ProFast Supply

Construction Supply Industry

Generating new leads and increasing market share in the residential framing market.

profast supply case study

Open New Accounts

Drive foot traffic and sales calls

Build Customer Loyalty

The more customers see your business, the more they will buy from your company.

Connect With Your Market

Video content allows you to say exactly what you want to tell your customers.

Break The Ice For Sales Staff

If contractors have seen your business, but don’t shop with you yet, they will be more inclined to speak with your sales staff.

Consistent Reach

Be in front of your target audience on a consistent basis.

Ready to electrify your social media?

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