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Case Study: Hahn Systems

How Click helps Hahn Systems generate more business awareness in the construction supply industry

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This construction supplier approached us with a couple of goals. First, they wanted to become a household name in the communities they serve. Second, they wanted to show their communities that they exist. Most of their competitors are sticking to radio ads and word of mouth. Hahn Systems wants to show up on their customer’s phones day in/ day out with great, relatable content.


Becoming a household name is no easy task. Our staff knew that we had to bring our A-Game. With the assistance of a few brilliant minds on their staff, we are able to produce amazing content that appeals to their target consumer. We show off the best parts of their staff and the best aspects of their products. In combination, this strategy has led us to produce results as seen below.


Impression Rate

In the first 3 months of service, we were able to show the Hahn Systems brand to 260,000 people with interest in construction.

Employee Morale

The whole social media presence has increased employee morale

Direct Requests for products

Customers request products directly through the platforms.

Shareable Content

They now have a full portfolio of content that prospects can browse to receive an idea of who they are.

Website Overhaul


We oversaw the web development process with our web designer to completely revamp their website. Taking an aged, poorly functioning website with 404 errors, a broken contact form, and a confusing layout into the modern era. Hahn’s website now has a professional edge with a high-conversion design, fast loading times, and is relevant and engaging to their ideal audience.

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Adam Riesberg

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